Talking Head 1

‘The Professional Learning Community means there is ownership of the procedures and processes that we’ve put in place and that all of our staff understand the expectations and that it has come from within them rather than from a top down approach’.

Talking Head 2

'We continually challenge our staff. Are we meeting the needs of all the children in the class? Putting students first is very important, so trying to make adjustments to the curriculum is very important. We also revisit the mission and vision and make sure that we align our practices with our talk'.

Talking Head 3

‘We also want the teachers to maintain reflective practice. At the end of a day or with their co-teachers, or with the deputy of learning and teaching, they reflect on things they put in place. The plans they had, did they work, what do they need to adjust, and how can they make this better for the students involved?’


Talking Head 4

'If a child comes with a report or with a specific learning need that the staff doesn’t have, we do have the resources; because we put them in place. This will support the teachers going either offsite or accessing specialists that might come to school to look at their practice within the classroom and within their planning to see how that might be enhanced to work at another level. They will understand in depth how they might help that student access the curriculum'.


Talking Head 5

‘… having inclusivity as a value and having the behaviours explicitly spoken of regularly means that we are able to meet the needs of the students from a mindset point of view’.


Talking Head 6

‘… the staff really embrace the challenge of differentiation and of growing their skills and knowledge in order to support the children. Their premise is that these children want to engage and have a right to engage with the curriculum and so adapting and adopting different practices is one of their goals and it’s something that we value deeply in the staff’.


Talking Head 7

‘We’re lucky enough to have a teacher four days a week here and their role is basically to look at the disability standards in education and also help teachers fulfil those. We make sure kids are included in all aspects, they go on excursions with kids with quite significant needs, especially physical needs, and we ensure we include them in all aspects including excursions, integrated into all classes and being part of all school activities’.


Talking Head 8

‘I’ve seen people who change their attitude in this school to the way they think and it’s done through having a collaborative approach. Including them in the decision-making and celebrating the successes or where it does work’.

Talking Head 9

‘… part of the interview processes and staff selection processes is to gauge the level of understanding of the staff and their attitude towards inclusivity and inclusive environments, and inclusive education. So from the ground up the idea of having an inclusive site is fundamental to this college'.


Talking Head 10

'We measure and audit our Professional Development to make sure that our children are engaged with learning. This is key. If they’re engaged then we’ve probably aimed the learning to the right level for that student. We identify students, we use individual learning plans, and we have a team approach to their learning. Classroom teacher, specialist teacher, principal, teachers who have expertise in that area, parents, families and carers and also outside experts all come together to talk about what best to do for the children in our school'.