These resources enable you to explore practice-related aspects of Disability Standard 4. They include examples of how individual students with disability are able to make use of available support services so that they can participate fully in all aspects of school life. The schools in question adopt a proactive approach in identifying specific provision and ensuring that appropriate liaison is undertaken, to organise planned delivery of specialist resources.


The Student Support standard has two parts: the rights of the student and the requirements of the education organisation.


Students with Disability have the right to access student support services provided by education institutions on the same basis as students without disability. Students with Disability have the right to specialised services needed to participate in the educational activities in which they are enrolled.


  • Ensure that students with disability are able to use general support services.
  • Ensure that students have access to specialised support services.
  • Facilitate the provision of specialised support services.


Overview: The film extracts illustrate some of the ways in which schools can best ensure that all students participate in the educational and social opportunities that are offered. Inclusive school communities are most effective when the organisation recognises that the engagement of Students with Disability must be carefully promoted and monitored to ensure the students consistent and meaningful access to learning.

Context:  Using specialist equipment – illustrating a teacher who has been encouraged to develop a skill and knowledge base regarding identified teaching supports for Students with Disability.

QUESTION: Are specialist teaching supports and resources used solely by educational support staff in your school?

Context:  All teachers can contribute to the work of specialist services by contributing to a whole school effort, so that a common message is given to all students that Students with Disability have the same rights as everyone else.

QUESTION: How much involvement do you have with specialist professionals who support Students with Disability in your school?

Context: Upskilling staff on common and consistent practices to support Students with Disability.

QUESTION: What are your whole school approaches to professional learning that aligns with developing a community of inclusive learning practice? What additional planning and supports are needed to take this to the next level?


Overview: The selected resources are a starting point for the wide range of useful material available to practitioners. Further sample links can be obtained in the Resources section of this website. 

Support Services For Children With Special Needs

Students With Disabilities In Mainstream Schools

The Smith Family Website


Overview: The questions in this section provide opportunities for you to begin professional discussions with colleagues regarding the support that is available to Students with Disability in your school. The questions are starting points or catalysts for further discussion regarding the extent to which their current approaches to student support provide opportunities for all parents and students to access the information necessary for them to make informed choices.

Is a ‘learning walk’ (in which a teacher follows a student who has disability for a period of their day in school to gain greater insight into their experiences) a useful way of identifying additional services or supports?

How might you best plan a school development day to enable all teachers and support staff to become familiar with the role of the full range of specialist services used in your school?

Do all the peers of your Students with Disability have knowledge of their disabilities? Would providing this lead to greater understanding and increased peer support? What safeguards would you need to consider?


Connect #4


Overview: The resources relating to Disability Standard 4 are linked to a parallel set of materials, developed to stimulate the development of ‘communities of inclusive learning practice’ in schools. Recognition of the practical implications of the Disability Standards is a vital element of this approach to professional development.